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The Museum's Mission: Throughout its two-century-old history, the cocktail has influenced music, theater, art, film, and politics around the world. The Museum of the American Cocktail is a nonprofit organization that celebrates this true American cultural icon. Founded by Dale DeGroff, and several of the world's most passionate cocktail authorities and historians, the Museum of the American Cocktail seeks to advance the profession and increase consumer knowledge of mixology while stressing the importance of responsible drinking. Our mission is to create a self-sustaining museum and tourist attraction that celebrates and preserves a rich aspect of American culture, while providing educational resources for professionals and the public in the fine art of crafting the cocktail through a series of mixology seminars conducted by the world's foremost authorities on cocktail history and American cocktails. We also aim to broaden career opportunities in the spirits industry and encourage more participation from women and members of under-represented groups in the field.

Museum Collections & Exhibitions

The Museum of the American Cocktail™ leads visitors through the fascinating two hundred year history of the American Cocktail. At its exhibit in famous New Orleans, The Museum of the American Cocktail™ contains a mind-boggling collection of rare spirits, books, Prohibition-era literature and music, vintage cocktail shakers, glassware, tools, gadgets and all manner of cocktail memorabilia and photographs from the outstanding collections of our founders and patrons. Larger-than-life reproductions enliven the presentation and beckon visitors into the subject.

The museum also features multimedia presentations that bring cocktail history to life with film clips, interactive displays, sounds, and songs.

Research Projects and Publications

Specifics of the cocktail's rich history and lore are being explored in depth on an ongoing basis by the museum's founders, guest curators, outside researchers, writers, and historians. The results of this research see publication on a regular basis in Museum publications such as "Mixologist: The Journal of The Museum of the American Cocktail," exhibition catalogues, and in original works written by the world's top cocktail authorities.

A library of rare and out-of-print literature as well as modern titles on the subjects of cocktails, spirits, and drinking in both paper and digital form, will be made available for writers and researchers by subscription on the Museum's website.

The Museum Seminar Program

The Museum of the American Cocktail™ will also serve as an association of the nation's most accomplished mixologists, who will come to the museum to share their knowledge and talent to aspiring professionals and cocktail aficionados. An essential component in this role are The Museum of the American Cocktail's Mixology Seminars.

Mixology Seminars will offer educational bar and cocktail oriented presentations about cocktail history, food pairings, mixing techniques, trends and concepts conducted by the foremost authorities on cocktails and beverage preparation. This is a valuable opportunity to share with them their individual styles, their cocktails, and advice, as well as an enhanced understanding of how current trends developed. These seminars benefit neophytes and professionals alike, while cementing the museum's reputation as a forum for the continued development of the art of mixology on a foundation of past wisdom.

You can view a list of our currently scheduled Mixology Seminars on our Events & Seminars page.

The Museum Board of Directors

The Board of Directors for of The Museum of the American Cocktail are also its greatest asset. They contribute their expertise as well as artifacts from their outstanding and varied research and collections. Given their diverse talents, the Board has created an environment in which ongoing research, professional and consumer mixology education keep the Museum fresh, alive, and dynamic.

Get to know our Board of Directors, and Distinguished Board of Advisors.


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