Mixology Seminars


The Museum of the American Cocktail™ will also serve as an association of the nation's most accomplished mixologists, who will come to the museum to share their knowledge and talent to aspiring professionals and cocktail aficionados. An essential component in this role are Dale DeGroff's Mixology Seminars and the Professor Jerry Thomas Bar™.

Dale DeGroff's Mixology Seminars will offer cocktail history and mixology seminars conducted by the world's foremost authorities on cocktails and beverage preparation. Here, they will have the opportunity to share their individual styles and their cocktails, continuously building the museum reputation as a forum for the continued development of the fine art of mixology.

The Professor Jerry Thomas Bar™, a recreation of a Victorian-era bar-will offer visitors an opportunity to sample classic cocktails, while learning more about each cocktail's history from a presiding mixologist.


Partnerships with existing programs such as the Southern Comfort Tales of the Cocktail Tour and the Pharmacy Museum as well new, innovative programs such as Dale DeGroff's Mixology Seminars will be offered to enlighten and engage citizens and visitors in New Orleans.

You can view a list of our currently scheduled Mixology Seminars on our Events page.

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