Structure & Activities


The Museum of the American Cocktail will actively involve residents, scholars, and visitors in the American Cocktail's history and lore, and will keep collections and programs attuned to the rapidly changing, multicultural population.

Museum Collections & Exhibitions

The Museum of the American Cocktail™ will lead visitors through the fascinating two-hundred-year-old history of the American Cocktail. Situated in the Pharmacy Museum in New Orleans' French Quarter from January through September 2005, The Museum of the American Cocktail™ will contain an extensive collection of rare books, Prohibition-era literature and music, vintage cocktail shakers, glassware, drink archives, tools, gadgets and all sorts of cocktail memorabilia and photographs from the outstanding collections of our founders. Larger-than-life reproductions will enliven the set and bring visitors up close to the subject.

The museum will also feature multimedia presentations that will bring the cocktail's history even more to life with film clips, interactive displays, songs, and sounds.

Research and Publication

The American Cocktail's history and lore are just two examples of the diverse subject matter that will be explored on an ongoing basis by the museum's founders, guest curators, outside researchers, writers, and historians. The results of this research will be published on an annual basis in the museum's journal The Mixologist: The Journal of The Museum of the American Cocktail, in exhibition catalogues, and in original works written by the world's top cocktail authorities.

A library of rare and out-of-print literature as well as modern titles on the subjects of cocktails, spirits, and drinking in both paper and digital form, will be made available for writers and researchers, housed in the museum's permanent location. Books and films that document the cocktail's influence on American and European culture will all be acquired and made for viewing at the museum's permanent location.

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